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4 REASONS why I won’t compete in another speech contest for at least 5 years!!!

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January 16, 2015 by

If you step into my living room you will see several trophies…and most of them are for public speaking!

My track record

I am blessed to be able to say

I’ve won  The UK and Ireland international speech contest 2011 this was 9 months into my public speaking journey  I won the AREA humorous contest, 3 months into my speaking journey I was the first person to ever hold the AREA 35 contest trophies for both the International speech contest in the same year.

I placed 3rd in the semi-final round in America,   I took a two year break during this break I preached sermons in church, hosted Tedx became the author of two books created 4 audios, became a certified world class speaking coach co-wrote an amazon best-selling book with world class champion Craig Valentine. I have spoken at Division contests as a keynote speaker.

I returned to speaking contest in October 2014 and I won my humorous division contest was first placed runner up in the humorous District contest 2014 and won Cooperate challenge speaking competition 2014, a week an a half later, all between having a child!! I did this all in the last four years as a Toastmaster and as you can tell I feel really accomplished

So here are 4 reasons why I will take a break:

1#Visions have seasons

When I won the District then placed in the semi- final I got home and couldn’t shake off a voice. The voice said “compete in the humorous contest, you can do better than you did last time”  I didn’t even place in the Division! And that got to me.This voice wouldn’t leave me alone! For months and months, I delayed doing this for TWO years until finally in 2014 I gave it a shot. I said “ Darling I will give the contest one last shot and my goal is to place in the Division contest” I put this on my vision board-I won my Division and came first place runner up in a very close final !!!! I also had the goal of winning cooperate challenge ( a non-Toastmaster speech contest) and I won.

Looking at my vision board I felt fulfilled but that vision was for that season I have learnt to celebrate the past and anticipate the future …I hate the thought of being stuck in a season so I am excited about fresh opportunities in front of me.

What are your speaking goals?  

2#People development VS personal development

I am obsessed with personal development I read and listen to audios all the time. I love growing but I believe

The best way to be remembered isn’t for how great you are but for how great you helped someone else become#Talabism

When it comes to public speaking contests I’ve made the shift from personal development to people development look at my testimonials to see who I’ve worked with. People always approach me and say “Malachi you could write speak about this aspect of your life for the contest, you should give this speech at the contest” I simply say “I don’t need a contest I just need an audience”.  I’m no longer speak to feed my ego (I did this at one stage of my life) I now speak to serve my audience and I mean that sincerely…I use to say it because it’s what you say…but now I mean it. Quite simply I grown as a person so if I enter againI’ll be more message focused than trophy focused ironically that is the mind-set that usually attracts a trophy.

3#The Grinch has gone!!

I use to doubt my talent as a speaker, the more I would win the more I would doubt whether or not I was good enough I would think,” you are just lucky, or the judges are voting because of your reputation”. I would have 101 reasons why I wasn’t a good speaker even though I was getting good responses.

Finally sometime last year Grinch has died, winning contests provided me with proof that I have a talent but beyond that an I have an understanding that;

successful speaking is a marriage between talent and training, it’s a merge between personality and principles

this helped me to realize that I am a good speaker because I have talent and because I have tools, with the talent alone I’d be ”ok” with the tools alone I’d be “ok” when I marry the tool I have a better chance  of delivering a good speech and growing as a speaker.

That is how the Grinch died it was an understanding that I can’t just rely on my talent that I must learn, grow, be coached and get evaluated which enhances my chance of being of some benefit to my audience. The Grinch has gone, the doubt is out and I have nothing to prove to myself or others.


4#Family is my priority

I don’t condemn those who compete I commend them it takes guts and everyone has different motives some pure and some with room to grow (like I had) in fact you go through phases each contest so I value every experience I am glad I have refined a gift and can’t wait to share more with the non-contest world I’ve learnt my lessons from the furnace of experience it takes time energy and effort I have just became a father which is very exciting! My family is now my priority so in five years time I’ll be back for one last crack at being world champion of public speaking or at least give a message that will touch and transform lives.

So those are my four reason for not competing and taking a 5 year break, are you competing if so why? If you need some tips use my site or drop me an email