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7 Minutes to Win It

7 Minutes to Win It by Malachi Talabi

The only difference between an average speaker and an awesome speaker is the tools they have at their disposal. 


In 7 Minutes to Win It, you will pick up the tools you need to make a lasting impression every time you take the stage. If you have ever wondered how champion speakers put together great speeches, or you’ve ever longed for proven tools and techniques to help you write and deliver a speech that will inspire people and change lives, 7 Minutes to Win It is for you.


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The Book of Talabisms


The Book of Talabisms by Malachi Talabi The Book of Talabisms is a collection of 150 original thoughts, phrases and quotes by Malachi Talabi for speakers, preachers and entrepreneurs.


The Talabisms are designed to transform your thinking, make you more memorable in your speaking, and help you to live life on new levels. Click here to read the Speakers’ foreword from 1999 World Champion of Public Speaking, Craig Valentine. 
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Creating a 7 Minute Masterpiece

Creating a 7 Minute Masterpiece | audio by Malachi Talabi

Whether you’re competing in a contest or simply want to learn how to create winning speeches, Malachi’s Creating a 7 Minute Masterpiece workshop will help you achieve your goal.


This 2-CD “workshop in a box” power-pack includes 7 award-winning speeches from 7 speaking champions, Creating a 7 Minute Masterpiece live workshop, and “the SPICE formula” – 5 unique ways to start your speech.


With over 2 hours of powerful content, Creating a 7 Minute Masterpiece will help you turn your message into a masterpiece – from the comfort of your own home!    


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Winning the District


Winning the District | audio by Malachi Talabi Have you ever dreamt of becoming a District speech champion? In this 4-part CD set, you will discover just what it takes from someone who has made the journey.


Winning the District contains Malachi’s first-hand experience of becoming a District champion. Whether you’re entering the International Speech contest or the Humorous Speech contest, you will pick up practical tools and techniques that will help you to impact your audience and impress the judges (click here for more details).   


With over three hours of expert advice and insight, this 4-part super-set is a complete guide to winning your District International or Humorous Speech competition. 


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COMBO 1: Creating a 7 Minute Masterpiece & 7 Minutes to Win It (ebook)


Double upThis combo is ideal for those trying to write a winning speech or create a 7 Minute Masterpiece for a club speech, guest speech or even a keynote! Both products contain storytelling secrets and speech title techniques, and if studied together will enable you to enhance any speech.


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COMBO 2: Winning the District & 7 Minutes to Win It (ebook)

Double up1

If you want to win a speech contest, you’ll need all the knowledge you can get! Knowledge, however, is not enough – you’ll also need tools and that’s what this combo will give you!


You’ll get winning speech scripts, the Five Laws of Laughter, Winners’ Workbook download, and much more. Whether you are entering the International Speech contest, the Humorous Speech contest, or any other speaking competition, this combo will help you compete at your highest level.


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COMBO 3: Winning the District & Creating a 7 Minute Masterpiece 

Double up2This combo is ideal for auditory learners and will help you prepare a contest speech, an after-dinner speech, or a stellar 7 Minute Masterpiece.


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The Masterpiece Mega-set


7 Minute Masterpiece Mega Set
Want to sky rocket your growth as a speaker? 


Get the Masterpiece Mega-set, featuring over FIVE hours of audio content and all of Malachi’s contest and speaking experience to help you connect, impress and impart to your audience, including:


  • Winning the District – 4 CD-set
  • Creating a 7 Minute Masterpiece – 2 CD-set
  • 7 Minutes to Win It – 200-page book with speech transcripts from 7 contest champions
  • The Book of Talabisms – 150 pages of inspiration and motivation 
  • The Winners’ Workbook 
  • Bonus 7 Minute Champions audio CD
This Mega-set will help you take your speaking to new levels!


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