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Communication Revelation webinar: download


Experience a 1-Hour Live Q&A with Two World Class Speaking Coaches

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Malachi Talabi and Wole Ososami have many years of public speaking knowledge and experience between them.
In this 1-hour webinar they team up to deliver content that will cut years off your learning curve and help you avoid the common mistakes speakers make.
You will also discover the tools that world class speakers use to stay ahead of the crowd.


In this CONTENTrich webinar all of these questions will be answered:


  • What’s the fastest way to get paid to speak?
  • How do I prosper from a “free engagement?”
  • How do I create a deep connection with my audience?
  • How do I speak to a young audience?
  • How do I sell my products and services from the stage without annoying my audience?
  • What is the secret of being memorable?
  • How do I create content that audiences will thirst for?
  • How do I create a keynote presentation that will leave the audience talking about my message for years?
    Also find out the ONE question you must ask when they ask you how much you charge!