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Event organisers


Trevor Jones, Event Organiser
“Malachi delivered his workshop ‘Creating a 7 Minute Masterpiece’ at a conference I recently organised.


He connected with the audience immediately and presented his unique message in a concise, easy to follow format, leaving the spectators in no doubt that they were listening to an inspirational speaker, with a passion to motivate, inspire and empower people.


This workshop is a must for organisations, presenters and speakers who need to engage better with people, whether it be for 7 minutes or 70 minutes. So if you are looking for a speaker with an edge that can excite, entertain and educate your audience, I recommend you contact Malachi immediately and check his availability and include him in your next event!”


Trevor Jones
Past Division G Governor | Comedy Promoter at House of Stand Up



Dave Sellman, Event Organiser“The magic of Malachi’s workshop is not just that he gives tremendous advice on creating a great speech, but that he delivers this advice in a way that is so enjoyable and engaging for the audience.


In other words, he is practicing what he is preaching. This helps the audience absorb his advice, and of course that advice is on how you yourself can get in front of an audience and do the same.”


Dave Sellman
Vice President PR | Excalibur Speakers 



andy“Malachi delighted, entertained and motivated us as he shared his experiences on why we should always aim to reach hearts with our speeches, rather than just win prizes. I’ve since recommended Malachi for other events where he again delivered a 1st class presentation.”


Andy O’Sullivan
London Public Speakers | Past Division B Governor  



Ash Sethi | Division L Governor“‘Malachi wowed a packed audience of over 100 people in his highly interactive humorous keynote workshop at the Champions Conference, held in conjunction with Cass Business School Toastmasters.


Not only did he give a stunning performance, he also gave tangible tips which the audience could take away and seek to replicate  into their own speeches. Awesome! I still get feedback rolling in from audience members.” 


Ash Sethi
Division L Governor | Grosvenor Square Speakers


Workshop attendees

Julie Kertesz, workshop attendee“I loved your Five Laws of Laughter workshop and all you told of comedy is so true! I also loved how you presented it – it was a startlingly informative and funny performance.


I am still going over the notes I took from the workshop. One of the most important points was at the beginning and at the end – “you do not have to be funny, you just have to learn how to make the audience laugh”. Great material and great authentic presentation too!”


Julie Kertesz
Lewisham Speakers | Area 59 Governor


Contest coaching


Jakub Pawłowski, speech contestant

“I met Malachi after winning the Division Contest. He gave me feedback on a speech which was already really good and highlighted little details which made it even better.


The feedback I got by e-mail was very comprehensive (5 pages long) and very precise with clear instructions on how to improve each part of my speech. I also had the opportunity to meet Malachi a few more times and I’ve always found him very positive, inspiring and magnanimous. He has the genuine desire to share with others all the tips which helped him to become a champion speaker.”


Jakub Pawłowski
Past Division B Governor | UK & Ireland International Speech Contest 2nd place winner 2012



Brian Faulkner, speech contestant
“I contacted Malachi in pursuit of some advice and mentoring as I prepared for the UK and Ireland District final of the Toastmasters Humorous Speech competition. 


Malachi encouraged me to experiment more than I had been doing – I had been too safe. Of course, some of what I tried didn’t hit the mark but he gave me the confidence and security to know that it was okay to try.


Malachi focused a lot on connecting with my audience and the penny eventually dropped that I had to create not only eye contact, but a psychological connection whereby I had to resonate with the values, attitudes, interests and beliefs that my audience were likely to share. I am pleased to say that with these thoughts in mind I managed to win the UK and Ireland District title. Thanks Malachi!”


Brian Faulkner
Speak Easy at Martlesham Toastmaster | UK and Ireland Humorous Speech Champion 2013


Books and products


Elaine Powell, book review“As a seasoned Toastmaster, I thought I knew a lot about speaking – until I read Malachi Talabi’s book, 7 Minutes to Win It!


This book will help new and seasoned speakers to reach greater heights in their speaking career. I totally recommend reading and applying these skills and techniques and watch yourself grow.”


Elaine Powell
Inspirational Speaker, Presenter and Author | Toastmasters International Area 35 champion


Jakub Pawłowski, book review

“I didn’t just read [7 Minutes to Win It]…I devoured it! It’s witty, inspirational, and full of essential information every speaker should know. 


There is also lots of unique advice which you won’t find in any other book. It helped me a lot in my preparation for the UK & Ireland Speech Contest Final. If I was to recommend just one single book on public speaking, it would undoubtedly be 7 Minutes to Win It!”


Jakub Pawłowski
Past Division B Governor | UK & Ireland International Speech Contest 2nd place winner 2012